Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Interesting things about Korea:Teddy Bear Museum (Korea)

The Teddy Bear Museum is located in Jeju island or in Seoul Tower in South Korea. It consists of an impressive collection of teddy bears from around the world. The museum exhibits a whole host of different concepts of teddy bears from teddy bears dressed in traditional Korean Hanbok to popular teddy bears of different Eras, antique teddy bears worth more than you can imagine , and famous scenes or people depicted in teddy bear form such as the Mona Lisa teddy bear.

Prices for admission to the museum in Jeju Island
Admission / Participation Fees
* Adult 7,000 won / Group 5,000 won --> Around $7 USD (adult)
* Youth 6,000 won / Group 4,000 won
* Child, senior and disabled visitors 5,000 won / Group 3,000 won
※ Group - more 20 people

Prices for admission to the museum in N Seoul Tower 
☞ Teddy Bear Museum - Adults (19+): 8,000 won 
 - Teenagers (14-18): 6,000 won
 - Children (13 or younger): 5,000 won

☞ Observatory Package (Teddy Bear Museum + N Seoul Tower Observatory) - Adults (19+): 12,000 won
 - Teenagers (14~18): 8,000 won
 - Children (13 or younger): 6,000 won

Good place to visit if you ever happen to stop by Korea

*Fun Fact: IF you visit Namsan Tower (Seoul Tower) there is a place where you can place a lock and is a popular place for a date, as the locks represent everlasting and unbroken love. Its quite lovely if you ask me. Even if your single go and put one for good luck :D


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