Monday, January 21, 2013

I Miss You Episode 21 Thoughts

I don’t know about you but to me, the ending was a bit of a disappointment, which seemed a bit rushed and was just a ditch effort by the producers to tie up loose ends and make everyone feel warm and fuzzy without really much substance. The show didn't really have a good balance of heavy and light moments, as i felt that it was just full force heavy , which after the initial shock and amazement at the return of Park Yoo Chun :) )))) kinda repulsed me.
The plot overall wavered in the middle losing my interest when it became repetitive with little forward movement in the story but overall it was worth it to see the 1 litre of tears that each actor shared on set especially those of Yoo Seung Ho and Yoo Chun. Man did they grow as actors.
On to the ending.
Good points:
1. It was nice to see Su Yeon’s mother finally confront Jung Woo’s Dad. Like finally someone can get angry at him full on with out holding back cause if it was me i would have slapped him by now!
2. Jung Woo’s stepmother finally gets a somewhat peaceful lifestyle and happy ending.
3. Jung Woo and Su Yeon get a very forced but happy ending.
So classy yet so evil. 
Bad Points:
1. If you were going to make Harry mental after all that then you should have made it more heart warmingly beautiful. Now its just oh hey he suddenly doesn't remember anything so everything’s solved and let’s all be happy and live in Winter Wonderland. As a viewer i would have found it more satisfying if Harry had been sane and found forgiveness. Or maybe even death would have been more memorable, now it just seems like it was a forced happy ending on Harry’s end.
2. What about other people like Harry’s minion. Remember the other Harry i was actually interested in him! :(
3. SO what exactly happens to Jung Woo and his father. NOTHING? so just some starring and that’s it. Very open ended indeed. I don’t understand why drama writers make things open ended on the last episode. It”s not liek you’ll tell us later unless your planing to make a SEQUEL. We watch so that we can find out this stuff eventually not think for ourselves!
4. All the side characters were rather neglected as well like Ah Reum, Wifey detective and Yoon Joo. Felt like the writers just went OK Jung Woo and Su Yoon have a happy ending, everyone else just screw yourselves over with what ever you were doing to begin with. What were the point of those characters then!
Rant Over! However i do commend teh actors acting especially since there were tears every episode and i would like to mention jsut how hot Yoo Chun and Seung Ho are. Sadly he’s going off to the army but as fan I will wait.

This is a happy ending!


  1. Hello Cindy! I saw your comment on my blog and I'm glad to see you love BIGBANG too! T.O.P <3 I followed your blog, I hope you can come check out my blog and follow me too! :) I LOVED I MISS YOU! But like you, the end was too rushed for me. I was just happy that Jung Woo ended up with Su Yeon :L

    1. Yeah same, glad they got together in the end! Love BIGBANG's songs! G-Dragon <3