Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quotes: Part 1

You know that feeling you get when you realise that something hits the pin on the head and you have an urge to say "that's so true." Some of these quotes are like that. 

  • "Alice in Wonderland syndrome, this is a mental illness. It is like looking through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars. It is as if you're living in a fantasy world of fable."
- Secret Garden 

  • "Life is a matter of choices. Nothing can be forced."
- City Hunter 
  • "If a man ever tells you he fell for you at first sight, punch him. It's just another way of saying he wants you in bed and stop wasting time."
-  49 Days
  • "Tears are the most accurate representation of feeling."
- 49 Days
  • Just because you say its nothing, doesn't make it so. Just because it;s not what it looks like, doesn't mean that it's not something."
- 49 Days
  • "Time just flows by as it always does. Can't revert to it. nor capture it. It's only an instance. That's why that instance's sincerity is very important."
- Bad Guy
  • "Love has no ethics. It has no teacher."
- A Gentleman's Dignity

  • "Believing in what they want to is the specialty of people in this world."
- 49 Days
  • "People become cowards because they have somebody they want to protect."
- SungkyunkwanScandal 

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