Thursday, January 24, 2013

Interesting Things About Korea: Namsan Tower

Namsan Tower also known as N Seoul Tower is located in the capital city of South Korea, Seoul. It bears resemblance to other famous towers around the world such as the Sydney Center-point tower and the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower.  It is built on Mount Namsan, hence the name, and is known for its breathtaking views over the city. It serves as the host for performances, movies, exhibitions as well as a whole variety of restaurants and snackbars. Mmmm food! 

Personally i'm a scardy cat and am very scared of heights, but for those of you who enjoy a thrilling ride, there are also cable car services to take you to the tower or you can WALK! There are a few interesting facilities and designs such as the sky restrooms, which allow you to see the view while in the restroom. There are also multiple souvenir shops and photo-zones. 

Previously mentioned in a post, another famous attraction is the love locks.It's actually an attraction that's been featured in alot of variety shows and dramas in Korea. It's an attraction made for couples who go to place a lock together, to safeguard their love. Its quite cute actually. BTW Teddy Bear Museum is there. 

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