Monday, January 21, 2013

Drama: Sirius

Synopsis"Sirius" revolves around Identical twin brothers Eun-Chang and Shin-Woo (both played by Seo Jun-Young). When they were teens, Eun-Chang was a bright and popular kid, but went to jail because of Shin-Woo. Since then, his life has changed completely. Meanwhile, Shin-Woo always felt inferior to his brother and his feelings for his brother became more complicated after his brother was imprisoned.
Shin-Woo is now the chief detective of a police investigation team. He works mainly with  drug investigations. Eun-Chang now works as an errand man at a hostess bar. A conspiracy is implemented by Ko Seok-Min (Ryu Seung-Soo) and the twin brothers change positions. Eun-Chang now acts as Shin-Woo in the police department. Shin-Woo is shocked that his brother stole his identity and begins to take actions to get his identity back. Meanwhile, Ko Seok-Min proposes a deal with Eun-Chang.

- Asian Wiki

Although its a mini drama with four episodes. Man is it good! Its got a good balance of light and dark with a new and interesting plot. Goign to keep my eye on this drama. Also Seo Joon Yeong :D

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