Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heartrendingly true.

I thought i'd share some of these really nice quotes with you guys.....

  • That woman believes fate is a string that quietly connects her heart to another. Following that invisible string, even if it vibrates a little, it is what allows people to feel and understand each other. When one person's heart suddenly gets mixed in with so many other hearts it starts to make that woman feel uneasy. So fate, please stop tugging so hard at my heart to pull me in.

  • That woman's scars make her feel like she is sinking under water. Spectators who don't know how deep that scar is simply advise heron ways to escape from it. There are too many people who are rude to other's scars. That woman's didn't want to hear such empty words. At least from this one person..... 

  •   Sometimes people who pass by each other remain afterward in the heart. It isn't until after the separation that the depth and weight of the encounter is truly understood. That woman believes that life is the repetition of that belated realization. 

  • That woman’s door did not open for a long time. Invitations began to pile on her doorstep, two, then three. A person who came close like a new breeze, a person who blocks a gale like a shelter from the wind. For the first time, that woman grows afraid of her own desire to open her door.
- Go Dok Mi (Flower Boy Next Door)

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