Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Concept Page: Meaning behind the title.

What if..? That question in itself is hideous, disguising itself behind the superficial pretense of hope and optimism. But is it really? Questions that start with the two simple words "what if..?" are simply empty statements which illustrate the empty fantasies about what could have been. Life in itself is a complex concept in which the infamous question of what life's purpose is, still remains a mystery. That purpose can be as simple as to continue to live OR to simply live to maybe one day leave a mark.

What if..? What if.. i no longer existed tomorrow? What if ...i was rich? What if... i never find love?

Empty hopes and dreams which are poised in such beautifully crafted ideas. The mere comfort of being able to question what could have been provides comfort to those who seek to dwell on the past and have doubts about the future.

To those who constantly ponder what if... is it really worth the mounds of regret that pile up every time that phrase is revisited? One day, when time is finally running short, the regret of having spent time on such a phrase, will be the true regret that hits you full force like a slap across the face.

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