Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sydney Australia: Luna Park + XIA(Sydney Concert)

XIA Junsu, a member from the Korean Pop Group JYJ held his first ever concert in Sydney, Australia on the 28th September as part of his INCREDIBLE World Tour. And boy was it amazing. It was held in a concert venue at Luna Park a petite amusement park located in the heart of Sydney. Over 3000 fans attended, and it was truly a magical experience. 

What more can a girl ask for on a dreamy hot summers day. A beautiful seaside view. And most importantly a cute boy who could work his honey like vocals. 

XIA performed and worked the audience, creating an energetic and addictive atmosphere while performing his popular songs from his two albums. He mesmerised with his synchronised and structured choreography and combination of both pop and ballad tracks. What made the experience magical was that during a slow ballad, the whole audience went quiet listening intently, it was so quiet that you could literally hear a pin drop in that packed audience hall. 

It was truly magical. 

PS. for those who haven't been to Luna Park I recommend it, although it does not feature particularly thrilling rides or special shows, the view of Sydney Harbour is beautiful. And did i mention that it is free entry. You can stay for the whole day without spending a cent for all they care. 

Luna Park 


Disclaimer: Images sourced from google. 


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